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Explore our newest Limited Edition collection through AR technology.

Hand-tufted in NZ wool, cotton viscose and jute, this rug collection offers different styles inspired by New Zealand's landscapes and cultural values. 

This is where we take a step further in design. 100% Australian hand-made, there's a cushion for each collection rug. Get creative and mix them up or keep it minimalistic and match your collection rug with its cushion design. 


This collection captures the key elements of nature. It consists of organic patterns and geometric shapes to emulate a variety of unique landforms and jewels. The essence collection is a sophisticated and unique addition to one’s home.


Created with the essence of home in mind, this collection considers the incredibly beautiful landscapes in Australia and shares that inspiration inside the home and beyond. We inspire to transform old spaces into new and enhance an area brimming with new, exciting materials we find on our travels.