Korda Design creates, produces and installs bespoke/custom hand-tufted rugs and Axminster carpets. We also represent a quality range of timber, carpet tiles and various other flooring products.

Korda’s founding business philosophy, which has withstood the test of time: the ongoing creation of beautiful things can only be realised by combining hard work and integrity with a willingness to evolve and embrace change.

Like one of our beautifully designed custom rugs, the story of Korda has been threaded with craftsmanship and devotion. All Korda products designed by the team are made by skilled artisans in China. We choose to have our products made in China as the craftsmanship required to create our products is one honed from centuries of experience.


It was 1952 when brothers Eric and Leslie Korda began trading as Korda Brothers Pty Ltd to bring the products and techniques of classic flooring from Europe to the Australian market. As a result of their ingenuity and interest in the niche market of flooring, the foundation was laid for Korda’s continual development in the industry.

In recent times, the market’s demand for diversity in design and competitive pricing, have seen Korda Design respond by expanding our supply arrangements and building a strong in-house design team based in Australia and New Zealand.

With studios across Australia and New Zealand, the Design team works one-on-one with leading architects, interior designers and end clients, providing an opportunity for design collaboration and complete flooring project management. Korda prides itself on an organic approach that is unique to the industry, thus allowing us to work efficiently to achieve successful projects considering budget, lead times and aesthetic.

Hand tufted rugs our custom design rugs are only limited by our imagination. Hand tufted rugs are made by hand, with no limit to the techniques, colours and textures that can be produced. All yarns are custom dyed and can be colour matched to fabric, Pantone colours, existing carpet or our own woollen pom colours.


Axminster carpets our broadloom carpet is produced on state of the art looms, allowing for large quantities, maximum design potential and the possibility of hand carved detailing. Korda Design is an independent supplier working with a variety of mills allowing us to explore the potential of many creative and talented craftsmen in the industry.

Carpet tiles, timber and vinyl allow for Korda Design to provide a full flooring solution for your commercial project.

Our commercial division consolidates the process of supplying and installing our range of flooring products. Our in-house team of layers are able to skilfully manage the installation process for a range of projects including hospitality, commercial and residential.



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