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National Portrait Gallery

Bespoke Lobby Rug

The National Portrait Gallery in Canberra is home to some of the nation's most significant portrait artworks, showcasing those who have shaped the culture of Australia. The NPG is a highlight for tourists visiting Canberra, seeing 500,000 visitors annually. 

In a bid to rejuvenate the gallery space, the NPG commissioned a new rug for their main entrance to be made by Korda Design.


This new rug was based on a design originally created in 2009 by the members of the NPG’s board and was then brought to life by Korda. Each member of the board produced their own unique stripe on the rug, imbuing this creation with historical significance and the resulting rug was a truly bespoke design.

During both projects, Korda Design worked closely with the NPG to ensure that the rug met their exact specifications.  The current bespoke rug created by Korda Design is made from 100% hand-tufted New Zealand wool. The light grey background of the rug is luxurious cut pile wool and the dark grey accents are textured loop pile wool. The differing pile heights creates depth and increases the contrast in the design.  

If you have a design concept that you want to bring to life, fill out the details on our bespoke page or give us a call on  (02) 9698 5788 to book an exclusive consultation with our design team in Sydney. 


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