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Zenith Towers Chatswood

Tower B Lobby Rug

Introducing the Talisman rug, part of Korda Design’s Essence Collection. The Talisman rug has a distinctive geometric shape, making it perfect for architectural spaces. This rug is at home in Tower B of the Zenith Towers, which is one of the most recognisable buildings in Chatswood, renowned for its architectural design.

Talisman comes in a variety of sizes and this 1.5 x 2m rug was ideally suited to this small seating area in the building's lobby. Comprised of a variety of warm brown tones in hand-tufted 100% New Zealand wool, the Talisman creates a comfortable and inviting atmosphere.

The Talisman rug is a modern and angular interpretation of stones which were traditionally believed to have the power to improve their owners’ lives. Combining modern design and a unique shape, get a little luckier with the Talisman in your home.

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