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Korda Design specialises in creating bespoke Axminster carpets for commercial and hospitality interiors. Axminster is a heavy-duty carpet designed to be highly durable and easy to maintain, making them the best solution for a busy environment. Our range of Axminster carpets are ideal for high foot traffic areas and have been used in pubs, hotels, clubs and RSL’s all over Australia. Korda Design’s Axminster carpets are also entirely customisable, the colour and pattern can be designed to fit our client’s exact specifications. Our carpet is produced on state-of-the-art looms, allowing for large quantities, maximum design potential and the possibility of hand carved detailing. Korda Design is a boutique studio working with selected suppliers with whom we have established relationships with since 1952, this allows us to ensure the highest quality of our carpets and rugs.

Another of Korda Design’s specialties is creating bespoke rugs for commercial and hospitality interiors. A Korda Design bespoke rug can be used to complement existing furnishings in a renovation project or bring a new development to life. Our bespoke rugs have been used in a variety of spaces, from the lobbies of commercial buildings to display suites of Tier 1 buildings. Korda Design sources the highest quality materials to create these rugs, which can include New Zealand wool, cotton viscose, or silk. Our rugs are hand-tufted by skilled artisans to ensure the highest level of quality. A Korda Design rug is the perfect way to tie a room together and add an element of modern design.

The Korda Design team will work with you on your project, from conceptualisation to realisation. Whether you already have a design idea or need inspiration to refresh your space, our design team will bring your vision to life. Elevate your commercial or hospitality environment with a Korda Design bespoke rug or Axminster carpet. 

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This woven carpet originated in the town of Axminster, England, where the product was first produced in 1755. Korda Design now carries on this legacy with bespoke designs beautifully crafted by skilled artisans. Axminster carpet is a blend of 80% New Zealand Wool and 20% Nylon, and highly sought after in hospitality and commercial environments for its durability.








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